Trip duration: 3-4 hours

What to bring: swimsuit, sunscreen, water, sneakers that can get wet

Transportation with an air-conditioned van


If you’re tired of sunbathing and relaxing on the beaches of coastal Dalmatia, rafting might be just the thing you need to spice everything up. Rushing down the rapids of the beautiful green river Cetina with an expert guide right besides you can be a whole new experience that you’ll be able to remember for quite some time. As skilled as you might be, there’s no way you’ll remain dry after this adrenaline temptation, makin it an ideal way to avoid the high temperatures.



No experience whatsoever is required, just a tad bit of enthusiasm, the ability to paddle and not being scared of water. If we add the affordable price and the fact that our transport to the location is organised in up-to-date vans, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from spending the time of your life in the mountains just behind Omiš.


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