Family tour :

Duration: 2.5 hour


Mountain tour:

Duration: 3 hours

Inclusions: quad bike, helmets, guides, photos

What to bring: sunscreen, water, cameras, swimsuits (for the family tour)

Additional inclusions: transfer to and from location + lunch and drink 30 euro per person

IMPORTANT: all drivers must have a B category drivers license

Hop on an ATV quad bike and explore over 40 kilometres of beautiful nature and breathtaking views. With us, you get to experience places that you would not normally have the chance to see.

We offer two tours: the family tour and the mountain tour.

The family tour will take you through fields near the Cetina river which flows through a canyon near Split. It is designed for nature lovers and is tailored for all ages. It will take you through roughly 40 kilometres at the very edge of the river and give you an opportunity to take a swim and enjoy the crystal clear water.

If you’re more of a mountain person who enjoys breathtaking views, then our mountain tour is for you!

This route goes on the Dinara mountain, the tallest mountain in Croatia, and runs for over 50 kilometres. You will be riding through hidden mountain gravel trails which are a challenge, but the rewards are great as you will have a story to tell and many photographs to show.

Wether you want to have a quad all to yourself, or share it with a friend, we guarantee this is something unique.

We take great care of your safety, and for that reason you will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will make sure you have fun while staying safe. During the trip, he will photograph the best moments which you will get to keep at the end of the tour.

After you’ve had your fill of adventure and beauty, why not enjoy a fresh, traditional lunch in a local household. What better way to end the day than on a full belly and in good company?

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