Want to try something different during your stay in Split? Then try paintball!

Paintball is a recreational sport – It’s good stress release and a great way to escape the average day. It develops teamwork, concentration, strategy and tactics, fitness, agility, and observation.

Enjoy 3 exciting hours of outdoor fun, with all equipment included. Our paintball field is situated in the town of Mravinci, a 10 minutes drive from the center of Split. The field is located in a pine forest of 10.000 square meters, which provides the perfect setting for this thrilling game of strategy and teamwork. It has an old war bunker, numerous wooden obstacles, pallets and wheels which provide cover!

Price: 35 Eur per person

Minimal players: 4

Gear: Paintball gun, paintballs, protective masks, gloves and clothes – shoes not included.

Possible transfer arrangement.